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About pH, alkalinity and TDS

AQUAVIA is the spring water, naturally alkaline, with pH 9.4, bottled directly from the source, in Bologa, Cluj, from the Sequoia Valley, Apuseni Mountains, in Transylvania, Romania.

This is demonstrated by the long-term monitoring of drilling by its own laboratory, the laboratories of state institutions, as well as by the numerous external analysis bulletins, carried out in the most important research and analysis institutes in the world and confirmed by marketing certificates obtained from specialists, experts in this field.

A competent assessment of the chemical composition of AQUAVIA water makes it easy to see that it is a different water, by the values ​​determined. Each water has different properties, from one aquifer to another, depending on the geomorphology and structure of the layers through which the water passes.

What can be said for sure is that AQUAVIA is a naturally alkaline water, without additives, whose pH is at least 9.4 pH units.


The notion of pH expresses quantitatively the acidity (or basicity) of a substance, based on the concentration of hydrogen ions, in the water we drink, or in the food we consume.

The body’s natural pH is 7.4, but it often decreases due to the consumption of acids from processed foods, such as dairy products, sugar or red meat.

pH is the negative decimal logarithm of the hydrogen molar-ionic activity ratio

pH = -lg aH = – lg (mH γH / m °

where aH – the relative activity of hydrogen ions

γH – the coefficient of molal activity of hydrogen ions

m H -mality of hydrogen ions

m ° – standard molality

This characteristic is supported by other determinations of AQUAVIA water, such as permanent alkalinity, total alkalinity, 180 degree dry residue and water metal concentrations.


Alkalinity is generated by three main ions, existing in a substance, respectively in water: bicarbonate, carbonate and hydroxide. We cannot characterize alkalinity only by determining one of the three ions, but by any of them.

Alkalinity is of two kinds: total alkalinity and permanent alkalinity. Total alkalinity is characteristic of both alkaline and acidic waters, and permanent alkalinity is characteristic of only alkaline waters (minimum pH 8.3).

Total alkalinity is given by hydrogen carbonate, carbonate and hydroxide ions in water. That is why waters with a high content of hydrogen carbonates can have high total alkalinity, but acidic pH.

Permanent alkalinity is given by all hydroxides and half of the carbonate content and is determined by titration in the presence of phenolphthalein from pH 8.3 to 10 pH units. Therefore, by definition, the permanent alkalinity is 0, if the waters have a pH less than or equal to 8.3 pH units.

If an analysis report is verified, it is immediately observed that AQUAVIA water has a permanent alkalinity between 0.4 mmol / l -0.7 mmol / l, an alkalinity that supports and argues high pH values.

Another characteristic of the naturally alkaline water AQUAVIA is the fact that it is an oligomineral water, respectively it has a low concentration of salts dissolved in water. Correlating with the amount of Na (sodium) in the water, the basicity of AQUAVIA water is argued again.

(Sodium is a very alkaline metal, which by dissociation in water has a major influence on the potential of water).

For the purpose of correct, objective information, we mention that it is important to make some correlations between the determinations on the chemical composition of a water. The sizes influence each other, determining the specific characteristics of the water and its character.

That is why AQUAVIA water remains a special bottled water, being pure water microbiologically, naturally alkaline, with a special taste and properties.

WHAT IS THE RESIDUE SEC/ TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

The dry residue refers to the total amount of minerals, salts, metals, cations or anions, dissolved in water.

The higher the dry residue in the water we drink, the greater the accumulation of sediment in the body.

In principle, good water contains less than 500mg / l of dry residue.

AQUAVIA has a very small dry residue (160) compared to other products, with a special taste, slightly sweet, strong moisturizing and refreshing effect.